3 thoughts on “Language as a requirement!

  1. Yes there should be a requirement. Look at what first responders just went thru in Harlem. Could not help alot of people because the majority of the persons living there dont speak English. It does create barriers. I personally do not like to be around people saying things I dont understand. How many Americans are living in other countries not knowing their language? Realhousewifeofbk

  2. Yes I know when I was in school Spanish was a requirement and some schools offered french. The same should go for Americans who live in other countries they should learn to speak the language spoken in that country. What gets me is when multi lingual people are talking they are speaking English but then say other things in Spanish or any other language they could be talking bout you right in your face and they think you don’t know but I know a few words. That’s a no no for me.

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